Overdrive Roamerdrive SS For Series 1/2/3 Landrovers - NEW

€ 3.175,00

This is the modern variant of the old Fairey or Superwinch overdrive. Same concept but better technologie.

The ROAMERDRIVE provides an extra set of gear ratios 28% higher than standard. This makes the Land Rover quieter and more economical to drive at highway speeds and effectively doubles the range of gears available to the driver.

On highways with the overdrive engaged, your Land Rover will lope along with engine revolutions reduced by 28% while saving fuel, reducing drive line wear and resulting in much quieter more relaxed highway driving.

For all 4 speed Series Landrovers with LT76 gearbox (4+6 cyl; not V8 and not for 1 Ton). (price €2623.97 excl. BTW). Units are in stock and available