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22-03-2024: NOW AVAILABLE: Global Roamer SS overdrive for Series Landrover

One of the most usefull accessories to fit on a Series Landrover is on our opinion an overdrive. They make the vehicle more usefull; better to drive on motorways and putting less stress on engine and drivetrain. But the old Fairey or Superwinch units are hard to find by now and most of them had a hard and long live; are noisey; and need expensive rebuilds. Roamerdrive made or more rugged overdrive with the same setup as the Fairey/Superwinch did. 

The ROAMERDRIVE provides an extra set of gear ratios 28% higher than standard. This makes the Land Rover quieter and more economical to drive at highway speeds and effectively doubles the range of gears available to the driver.

On highways with the overdrive engaged, your Land Rover will lope along with engine revolutions reduced by 28% while saving fuel, reducing drive line wear and resulting in much quieter more relaxed highway driving.

27-04-2024: 26th Landrover Sort-out Aachen (D)

The 26th International LandRover Sort out will be held on 27th April 2024 at Zinkhütterhof in Aachen-Stolberg (D)


06-01-2024: Pressing tool for 52-53-model 80"door handles

We are currently making a new batch of the 80" door handles 302541 as-for the 1952-53 models. Here you can see the pressing tool. Then the rod is spot welded and finally are sheradised. So more will be available soon.


01-12-2023: LRM winter edition: Article Best Restored Land Rover at LRM show

LRM article about one of our recently restored B40 Rolls-Royce powered 81" Land Rovers. During this restoration we restored 2 of the in total 33 built 81" Land Rovers with the Rolls-Royce B40 2,8ltr engine. One of this cars is now back in the UK and won the price for Best Restored Land Rover at the 2023 LRM show. The other vehicle is in our own collection.


08 t/m 10-09-2023: Goodwood Revival (UK)

One of our cars Pre-production R32 HAC379 was borrowed by JLR Classic to take part at Royal Parade and Display at Goodwood Revival 2023 to pay tribute to HM Queen Elizabeth II on the first anniversary of her death. So we were invited to participate. 




10-09-2023: Land Rover en Minerva Sort out - Ranst (B)

On Sunday 10th of September the 2nd edition of the Land Rover and Minerva Sortout at Ranst has taken place.

Again very succesful, a good selection of spares and a very nice and interesting Line-up off Series Landrovers. A credit to the organisers


22-7-2023: Land Rover Series 1 meet - Zuid Limburg

This was the second year that a group of Series One owners got together. We had beautiful weather, a nice ride through southern Limburg and surrounding countries. Afterwards there was a good BBQ and some drinks. Very well organised. A total of about 18 Series One owners attended. Hopefully again next year!


23 t/m 25-6-2023: Land Rover 75th Anniverseray @ Packington Hall Estate.

This event was organised by the Land Rover Series One Club (LRSOC) and, as with previous anniversary events, we wanted to participate again. We left South Limburg with 4 Series 1s to cross to Harwich via the Hook of Holland and drive from there to Packington. The event took place at the Packington Estate close to the Land Rover factory. Back in 1948, Rover used the grounds of this estate to test the Land Rover and take photos for publications and leaflets. Hence a nice link to history. Around 400 Land Rover Series 1s were present at the event. There were several scenic drives, some including ford crossing. And on Saturday afternoon, there was a line-up of the vehicles present. A special event in a special setting. 

After the weekend, the same route home was driven again. Covered a total of 1200km with the 4 cars.


11-06-2023: Opening of the Dunsfold Landrover Collection Museum.

On Sunday 11-06-2023 The Dunsfold LAndrover collection celebrated the opening of the new museum and we were invited to take part. What a nice museum! The have a part of there collection on display; but beside the special and rare vehicles the amount of Landrover goodies like early advertising material, Landrover models, special tooling, display engines/gearboxes etc is amazing. A very special day! Worthwhile a visit. It is possible to book a visit for group visists only; check there website.


05-06-2023: First testdrive of R860155.

Our latest restoration project R860155 a very early 1948 80" Model is now finished after a complete restoration. This car has been dismanteled in the early 1980's and after almost 40 years in bits we know did the first test drive! Always an enjoying moment. More about the restoration in the restoration tab.